umbrella agency mortgage advise

One of the most common questions we get asked is, how do I apply for a mortgage as an umbrella company? This is an area which can become complex very quickly.

When applying for a mortgage, lenders will want to know more about your employment status and your current salary which can potentially lead to your mortgage application being declined.


Common queries from mortgage lenders:

Mortgage lenders such as banks sometimes have numerous questions for contractors in regards to their pay, here are some frequent questions below.



Queries relating to your payslip, as the structure of payslips is different from your traditional payslips.

Tax Queries

Some lenders may questions why your payslips show no tax or an incorrect tax deduction?

Bank Credits

Another common query is why the credits in your bank account differ from the umbrella company name?

If you're unable to provide comprehensive and satisfactory responses to the aforementioned questions it is almost certainly going to lead to your application being declined. However at Remedy Umbrella we're here to support you in making the application process smooth, seamless and stress-free.

we take over to ensure this process runs smoothly

How we can help you

We use employment contracts which clarify you're employed by Remedy Umbrella. The Remedy Umbrella payslip structure is clear and details the; invoice amount to the agency or end client; gross pay plus tax and national insurance deductions.

Remedy Umbrella payslips do not operate tax planning or loan schemes, therefore the correct level of tax is always deducted. As well as this, payments will be made directly from Remedy Umbrella to the company you're employed by.


We're always here to help

As always Remedy Umbrella are on hand with our team of experts and mortgage partners, this way we can guide you through the unique process as an umbrella company. Get in touch with our team for more information & guidance!