About Us

Learn more about the team responsible for 1000's of contractor's payroll!

What we offer

Our offering to you is a high-end service focused on your needs as contractors. We will always go above and beyond the expected service and this is reflected in our attention to detail with the administrative and accounting tasks we carry out on your behalf.

We go the extra mile by offering supplementary services to make life easier for you, so you have no need to go elsewhere for your business support and growth and can continue your progress all under one roof.


What we do

We offer our four core services to deliver the best umbrella company service possible, doing all the boring but necessary stuff for you to carry out your core work as a contractor.


We guide you through the quick and easy registration process and from there you're assigned a dedicated account manager who will do all the administration required to keep your work ticking along nicely and allow you to grow your brand.

Account Management

Every client receives an account manager upon registering, they are experts dedicated to providing you with the support for your individual work circumstances to ensure you can deliver the best work and continue to grow your brand and workforce how you wish.


With 50+ years experience in accounting, you can rest easy knowing we will make sure we keep an accurate record of your financial transactions and making sure you're registered with PAYE and national insurance and maximise your earning potential.


As with our accounting, we possess over 50 years of payroll management experience. Making sure you're paid accurately and on time every week whilst also taking care of the rest of your team as and when you expand.

As well as the above, we also offer supplemental services including;  Mortgage Advisory, Research and Development advice, IR35 Consultation, Insurances and Networking Suggestions and Events. This way you can enhance your existing account with us to maximise your earning potential. Learn more about our additional services by clicking below.

Our Promise

“We promise a low-cost, hassle-free, and easy to use service, to manage their accounts and payroll.”

Low Cost – We promise to deliver no setup or exit fees when working with us, as well as administration fees from as low as £5 per week.

Hassle-Free - This is achieved through our super quick registration process, once you have completed the registration process our services will be available within 24 hours.

Easy To Use – Once you are signed up there is no administration for you to do, as your dedicated account manager will sort this for you. All tax and national insurance deducted automatically

Our Aims

At Remedy, we aim to offer the best umbrella solution for you. Our aim is always on delivering accurate, efficient and reliable, customer-friendly umbrella services.

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Customer Friendly

You will receive your own dedicated account manager, ensuring the highest level of attention and care is provided. We're also very proud to offer a six days a week customer support service where you can get hold of someone either by phone or email.

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Accurate, Effective & reliable

Due to our 50+ years of experience in accounting and payroll allowing us to navigate all the caveats of the industry and ensure salaries are paid on time and accurately each and every week that you work with us.

Work with us!

Our dedicated team are here to help! If you like what you see and would like to find out more, get in touch via our contact page and let's discuss how best we can work together!